Advice on Freezing Water Pipes

Over the past week I heard about a lot of people who experienced frozen and broken water pipes in their home.  So, I took the opportunity to catch up with contractor Ray Milano of 9 Hammers Home Improvement to ask some questions.  I asked Ray about how to prevent freezing and broken pipes, and what to do if it doesRead more


“That is someplace I love going because everyone is so laid back, and not in a rush.  It’s just so comfortable.” That was what my son Logan said as we came out of Hooked tonight, and I couldn’t agree more.  Interestingly, without some prompting from my wife and son, I probably would have never gone into Hooked for the firstRead more

Snapchat for Realtors?

One of the things that irritates me is the “strategic” marketing pile of manure that is thrown at real estate agents everyday.  I get a countless number of emails each day from companies that claim their mission is to make me a better marketer.  Most of them are just plain laughable with their tips and tricks to essentially dupe theRead more

Emotion Sells Homes

One of the points I always make to homeowners is that emotion is what sells a home.  Realtors can blather on all they want in their marketing pieces about the square footage, and number of bedrooms, and location, and upgrades, etc. Consumers who are looking for their next home are quite inundated with the same junk in every listing theyRead more