Real Estate agents harass woman

I sometimes catch some heat from real estate agents who have been taught, and who steadfastly adhere to the ritual of cold calling people to secure clients.  That is because I choose to operate our business in a completely different manner, and am outspoken about this issue.  I have spent countless hours over the years studying my industry, learning myRead more

Pastor Daniel Floyd

When I ponder who I want to write about in an effort to give honor, I think about who has made a significant impact on the community in which they live.  I would be hard pressed to write about someone whom I personally know, that has made a more significant impact in our community than Pastor Daniel Floyd. As IRead more

Home improvements to increase value

Generally speaking, there are two ways to go about home improvements. You’re either going to splurge on your home because it’s your palace and you simply want a beautiful place to live, OR, you’re going to take a more logical, pragmatic approach designed to increase your home’s value. The problem is, you’ll rarely ever achieve both. In fact, many homeownersRead more

B. Edmisten Real Estate Photography

Nice photo shoot that Bud Edmisten did for us on a vacant home. Loved watching how he made dark spaces well lit without flash or any other manufactured other lighting. Real estate photography is all about lighting. The photos aren’t in the best order, but nice pics anyway.

Don’t computers do all the work for agents now anyway?

“Isn’t all the work done by computers now anyway?”  Sherry asked the question innocently enough, and actually in many situations she is correct.  What she was referencing was how buyers and agents look for homes today, and how they are bombarded with automated listings from real estate agents. In the early 2000’s the way in which real estate agents operatedRead more